Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea





Here is my entry for this week. Pictures are taken from Baler, Aurora, Philippines.ImageImage


When family set up a date for our outing, I feel so excited for the refreshment that I will feel. Free from stress of work and other things that bothers my mind. When I see sea, I feel more comfortable and calm that I don’t need to think anything else for just a moment. Seeing the waves approach, birds flying in peace, it gives me more time to think about what happened from the past, learn from my mistakes, appreciate the present and be ready for the future.

     Sea somehow gives me time to analyze things and think perfect on how you can handle things especially when your burned out and stress from problems.


This picture was taken from Taytay, Rizal –Daraitan

**note: not a sea 🙂


The weekly/monthly outing of our Department with our Manager 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Actually I don’t know what to post for this challenge, but I think these pictures that I’ve checked from my files can somehow pass the challenge 🙂


**me and my friends havin’ fun.. free of stress 🙂


**A group of Koi


**colorful nails ft. my cousins, sisters and niece


What is your favorite day of the week and why?

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Late Post


Thank God Its Friday! ^_^

It would be Friday because it’s the start of the weekend where I can sleep too long at night or stay up all night playing games, watching movies, facebook , browse in the internet, etc… It is also the day- a perfect one! To celebrate or wind up with friends to have relaxation in our minds and have fun for the weeks exhaustive days from Monday-Friday(morning) studying.

The Peace we are Hoping

WE should still think that peace is possible in Middle East. Countries only fight because of the power and wealth which proves that people doesn’t know how to be contented in their life-which shows greediness and selfishness. Some would fight for their differences about culture, ideas and values that will cause also arguments between neighboring countries.


We should look up to God and pray in one aim-that peace will aim the hearts of the people in the Middle East. Anything is possible with Him. We just have to trust and believe that it will happen. Mostly the heart of the government people who are much in need of it.

A Real and a Fictional Person I Want to be With in a Foxhole

Seriously this one really made me think that too long to whom will I share the foxhole with. And then only one person fits in this subject, and that is my cousin-Lalaine. She is a very tactful person in all aspect of life, she has proven herself in the family that in every obstacle that we have or may encounter, she will probably think it thoroughly of what is the best solution to it. I guess her secret weapon is PRAYER and asking God to give her/us the wisdom she/we need tp solve our problems.


In terms of a fictional person, I would like to share it with my dream vampire, Edward Cullen since I do love vampires. I want him to treat me as his Bella which he really protects dearly. And he is way too sexy to be with! I can’t imagine the feeling that a vampire is hugging you! Whew! *sweating*