How much debt is too much? Live a Happy Life!

At my age, and in my country, DEBT is like so normal to us. Mostly people would like to borrow money from friends for their necessities or satisfaction in life.

Debt is okay when you are capable of paying it in return.

But the danger here is that when we know that we have promised to pay them at this day,

and we can’t produce the money that we have to return, is a VERY BIG NO NO!

Our currency is in Peso, and most of the people in our country doesn’t have any cards, and is not capable of any loans because of poverty, unlike in other rich countries that can support their people.

I’ve experienced also to borrow money from my friends, because my allowance of being a student is just limited or sometimes my mother failed to send it right away when I need it for some extra projects or payments to be done.

But the good thing here is that, whenever I borrow money from my friends, I was able to pay them back, at the right time, the way I promised them when will I  be able to pay them. In return, I can borrow anytime when I’m in need. And they can also borrow from me when they are the ones in need.

Debt isn’t bad at all. It is good in a sense you developed trustworthy from the people who trusted you. It only becomes negative and a crime only when you fail to pay it back after you have spend it either in a good way or in a bad way.


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