Would you ever get a tattoo? Definitely NO!

I would definitely wouldn’t want a tattoo in my body.

Why? It’s only simple that I don’t want to display anything on my precious body that God gave me. And also, I am studying a course  right now associated in the medical field, and soon will work on a hospital.

Tattoos have its own pros and cons depending on the people’s beliefs about it. Mine is, since I grew up in a religious family, it’s a disadvantage for us to have this.

The number one risk of having a tattoo is that when you fail to get it from a very skilled tattoo artist and you have to deal with it for the rest of your life. It is one of the cause of acquiring Hepatitis from a dirty parlor who uses only the same needle in their costumer or it is not properly sanitized, etc.

I know that tattoos are getting trendy now, but they didn’t think that if you have this and others saw you, especially the elders of the society, they will definitely look down at you and you will feel unattractive to them.

The last thing is that, you can’t donate a blood for a year.


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