Having a Long Weekend is Great!

Working?  Studying? What can we ask after 5 days or 6 days being awake at school/workplace for more than 10 hours or less? In my part, whom is still a student, having a longer weekend will be great because studying for 5 days in a week, being at school needs to be relaxed at weekends. But this scenario isn’t happening to us, mostly college students, who take weekends as their self-studying and reviews of the past lectures to be ready for the next week coming.

Isn’t it very stressful? We are always cramming to cope up and pass all the exams that will be given everyday as our evaluation to ourselves. We ain’t robots to memorize all of it. We need more rest and more time to relax to have more effective grades and performance.

Same thing goes for those who are working. Like our professors, for them to wake up early in the morning ad come in to class at the right time. They should be very effective in teaching us and have this focus in their minds so that the students will not confuse themselves which is right and which is wrong. Sometimes it really happens that the teacher forgot what he/she has to tell to its students that actually started disturbance in the minds of the students.

Having time management is very important here. Why? If we do have longer weekends, and we didn’t use it in a very good way of relaxing, it will still be the same, like you don’t have long weekends at all.


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