Love is Everything

LOVE is the most important thing a person should have always.

We all know what LOVE means, but do we know what it is all about? And what is the true meaning of it?

There are different kinds of love. It may be the love for your parents, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, pet, etc. But the greatest should be for GOD.


     This is the most important love that everyone should learn, to love GOD with all our heart and soul. We know that God first love us by giving His only begotten Son just to save our souls for the punishment awaiting us in lake of fire.


     There is a saying that, “Blood should be thicker than the water.” IN any case or situations that came in our household, whether it is positive or negative, helping first your loved ones should weigh more than the others. It is only natural to have an argument with our family because of misunderstandings, but getting to know what is the real root of the problem and solving it in a good way with a better conversation will lead to peace. We should help first our loved ones before others if there would be any case/emergencies that will happen.

   Family is our first love (next to GOD), whom have built our personalities and shaped us in the good way, that made us who we are today.


     The same thing goes here. IN order to have the trust of others to you, we should learn how to understand them, analyze the problem very carefully and don’t judge anyone if you haven’t know them yet fully. It is a very good representation in order to gain more friends which means you are also gaining more trust!


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