One luxury I refuse to live without

Luxury, luxury, luxury… I guess it’s my laptop + internet + cellphone. But as I analyze those things. Can’t I really live without them? Then BOOM! A scenario has popped in my mind where poverty arises. What if a flood came and sweep our house? It isn’t impossible to happen in the future! That’s why I think that there’s no such thing that I refuse to live without, except for the BIBLE, that can entertain us through His promises, whenever we are encountering a problem.

Well, going back to the scenario that popped in my head. I guess its enough for me to have water, food, clothing and shelter, which are the things that I can’t live without (which i assume everyone does). Things like laptop, cellphone, etc. are the things that has its own limits. Someday they will break and will not function normally anymore. Things are just like that. So we must not treasure them like we cannot live without it.


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