Sleep all day!

I WILL SLEEP! Lol. Yeah I know this may sound too nonsense but sleeping is too insufficient to me. Why? I go to school from Monday to Friday starting 7 am up to 5 pm, that I first woke up by 5am. By 6 or 7 pm you will be at home, then you settle your things, have your shower, dinner, then study until you can. Sometimes I am up until 3 am studying, then going back to cycle which you will wake up by 5am, etc.

On Saturday, the family devotion is 4 am at our church, then it will end by 6am or 7am. This is the only day I could say that is the very convenient. But sometimes there are practices in our church if we have events, programs, etc.

Sunday will be the Lord’s day! So the whole day of it, is for Him!


One thought on “Sleep all day!

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