Heart VS Mind

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I guess everyone is experiencing this so called Head vs Heart in our everyday lives. Head is the one that is thinking what will be the very best solution for the problem, and the Heart is the one that is feeling the inner situation and our emotions.

This is a simple poem I’ve searched just to demonstrate how the heart and the mind contradict each other:

Head vs Heart

Denys E. W. Jones

My heart says yes,
My head says no.
My head says stop,
My heart says go.

My heart says love,
My head says leave.
My heart says life,
My head says grief.

My heart says hope,
My head forget.
My heart says whoop,
My head regret.

My heart says all,
My head says one.
My heart says more,
My head says none.

My heart seeks heights,
My head craves peace.
My heart bids fight,
My head sighs sleep.

My heart says live,
My head says die.
My heart says live!
My head asks why?

With sharp crossed swords these two contend.
Each strives to gain the upper hand.
They slash and parry, cut and thrust.
Neither does the other trust.

And this fierce contest shall not end,
Until they are both reduced to dust.

There are situations that we use one of these two contradicting things. Our head says NO when it knew that the heart is being hurt. It’s up to you who to follow, whether its the mind that wants to prevent something in the future that it wouldn’t want to happen, or the heart that tells you what’s his desire and feels about the situation.


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