Constructive Anger

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Constructive Anger

     It is a form of anger where we examine or understand the situation that we must know how to manage. To deal with the things or the with the people whom have made something not so good to us. It is a respect given to our own self as well as to others.

     Anger is part of our emotions, related to one’s interpretation of being offended, denied, etc. We can’t deny that if something bad really happened to us, at first stance, we aren’t thinking bout the things we have said and done. But lately when the storm calms, we finally realized that what we did is wrong. And that is the time only that we have thought about why and how did really that problem occurred.

     Constructive Anger is a good kind of anger, which focus on the reason behind the problem and on solving the problem. We do not sin when we are angry. This kind of anger is used to accomplish good, not evil.

~by Jolly


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