The Daily Routine

What is your favorite way to get exercise?

from postaday2011 topic of the day..

Seriously, I don’t have much time to exercise, like what others are doing early in the morning. If my day starts with Sunday, I probably wake up before 7am for the service in our church. Since I’m a Bron Again, Christian, we take Sunday as the Lord’s day, and we spend the whole day of it on our church doing different services.

Monday, this is the start of the school week where my class starts at 7am. The exercise I could only do is that, to take the stairs at our school instead of riding an elevator. My body sits only up to 5pm.

Since the month of September is a busy month for me, because I do participate in the sports fest of our institution. I play volleyball, and also practice dance for our upcoming Medical Technology Week, which I assume as my exercise though it’s not everyday, at least twice in a week. Another dance practice during night time, at our church, for our Anniversary this 25th. The youth has to present a musical play. We probably we got home by 12mn that’s why sometimes I’m cramming to rush my blog.


I love playing sudoku in my phone. Also the brain challenge. Reading could also be some sort of my practice or exercise everyday.


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