Leader and a Follower

Being a leader and a Follower is a two different things. The one will command and the other one will do all the commands. But have we thought about that these two things will not work if it doesn’t have unity? How can a leader be effective if it doesn’t lead well? How can he gain good followers?

There are some instances that we need first to learn how to follow before we can be a leader. There are also some cases that a leader becomes a follower.


What comes first in your mind when you hear that word? The one who gives command? Others could be an iron hand who hits people? Someone who criticize their followers? There are many ideas that pops out when we first hear it. But there is one saying that I really love about being a leader. “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” -Tom Peters

Leaders needs to be the role model of the followers. They need to be optimistic anytime. They give hope and inspire others to be a leader also.


A man is only a leader when a follower stands beside him.  ~Mark Brouwer


2 thoughts on “Leader and a Follower

  1. It’s interesting how different we are as humans. It often seems we’re ingrained with one versus the other as soon as we get to this earth. Leader, follower or somewhere in between. It’s always impressive to see those that lead well – but also impressive to see those who are incredible followers. Followers who choose their leader well, and give their support 100%. That’s just as inspiring in my own opinion.

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