Money and Time

Do you wish you had more money or time?

     My answer is.. BOTH! I need more time to accomplish my everyday duties at school, home and church. It isn’t easy to do all the things with just one body where I wish I could separate it in three. Since I’m still a student, (but soon to be a graduate – hopefully) there are things that after your school you need to study again the lessons taught for the day, so you will be able to answer the upcoming examinations and shifting everyday. That’s why doing household chores are getting less and less as soon as you focus on your studies. But not only to that, young people at this era are spending their time on networking sites, like Facebook, Multiply, Twitter, etc. that connects them to other people by sharing a link, playing the same game, and so on…

     In the case on money, I need it to provide for my needs, like, my fare everyday from home to school, project and report issues at school, other miscellaneous fees for our yearly celebration of our school, etc. I wish I had more money to socialize with my friends. YES! I can’t really deny that at my age, I needed and wanted to be “in” in our society.

“Let’s just remember to spend our time and money wisely in a very good way.


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