A Movie Review|Postaday2011

“This should be posted yesterday, but I wasn’t able to post it due to my hectic schedule..”

At first I really don’t know what movie will I post here as a review, and as the time goes by, many movies popped in my head like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” Green Lantern,” “Harry Potter – The Deathly Hollows,” etc….

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”

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I haven’t watched the previous movies of the planet of the apes, but this one has very good graphics that are computer generated which made me WOW on how the actors did to have a matched actions with the computerized apes. The story is also good but I’m looking forward for more actions. At first I really think apes will invade our planet, but it’s not. Instead they would only like to go home where they have to be living at, and not behind bars which are man made.They took revenge on the people who treated them wrongly as well as the science that kept using them as a research material for humans benefits.

I guess it serves as a great lesson for us that they are also made by God which is not a material to use by humans. Instead, they need our care and love because they have heart also like us, whom have feelings and emotions whenever they are happy or hurt.


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