A Real and a Fictional Person I Want to be With in a Foxhole

Seriously this one really made me think that too long to whom will I share the foxhole with. And then only one person fits in this subject, and that is my cousin-Lalaine. She is a very tactful person in all aspect of life, she has proven herself in the family that in every obstacle that we have or may encounter, she will probably think it thoroughly of what is the best solution to it. I guess her secret weapon is PRAYER and asking God to give her/us the wisdom she/we need tp solve our problems.


In terms of a fictional person, I would like to share it with my dream vampire, Edward Cullen since I do love vampires. I want him to treat me as his Bella which he really protects dearly. And he is way too sexy to be with! I can’t imagine the feeling that a vampire is hugging you! Whew! *sweating*


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