What is your favorite day of the week and why? Postaday2011 | Topic #256 | Sept.21, 2011 Late Post   Thank God Its Friday! ^_^ It would be Friday because it’s the start of the weekend where I can sleep too long at night or stay up all night playing games, watching movies, facebook , […]

The Peace we are Hoping

WE should still think that peace is possible in Middle East. Countries only fight because of the power and wealth which proves that people doesn’t know how to be contented in their life-which shows greediness and selfishness. Some would fight for their differences about culture, ideas and values that will cause also arguments between neighboring […]

Revolution? A Good or Bad Thing?

Revolution is the fundamental change in political organization, or in a government or constitution; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed. Its sad how this happens in one’s country. It’s a good thing in case that the people fight for what they believe will help them to […]

Magical World

  The topic of the Day is… If you could be part of any fictional universe, what would it be? — from postaday2011 — It would be Harry Potter! Since I love magic things and stories, I would like to be part of this fictional universe where in you fight no matter what just to […]